I stumbled upon someone else’s freedom recently and it made me want to search harder for my own. 

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Hannah Bronfman in Jimmy Choo ‘Lance’ heels at New York Magazine & The Cut’s Fashion Week Party.

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Melbourne protest for Gaza, July 19. 2014.

When did loving yourself
become so rare, that it’s
revolutionary to do so?

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I volunteered at an art exhibit tonight and met a 35 year old investor who told me this: “You’re a baby. You’re in your 20’s and you’re taking life too seriously. Nobody expects anybody in their 20’s to have it together. I’m 35 and I’m still figuring it out. When you reach 30, trust me, you’ll stop giving a shit & start living.”

Facts only. Relax, 20-somethings. You are still growing up.


Tracee Ellis Ross is like that one auntie who never got married or had kids but has an exciting life and kinda blows into town every now and then with fascinating stories, all this wisdom and cool clothes and accessories she lets you keep

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Kanye West for GQ Magazine August 2014 shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

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Do you trust me when my answer is wait?
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